Which is Best for You: LPG vs Gasoline Generator

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If you want to compare an LPG vs gasoline generator, then you’ve come to the right page. With my dependable pro experience, I’ll tell you what the differences are and show you how to choose the perfect model that’s strictly within your budget. I also review some of the best models currently available in the market.

And you can see my #1 LP gas generator pick: the Generac 6000 available on Amazon. It’ll give you 3,250 watts, a 9 hour max run time, low-oil protection, built in tank holder and the Generac quality reputation. You can also check Amazon’s price on the Generac 6000.

Pros & Cons of Each

LPG and gas generators are often used to supply backup power when there is a utility power outage. They’re also used for outdoor work projects, camping trips, and RVing. Gasoline models have always been very popular but the sales of LPG generators have substantially increased in the last couple of years. I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you decide on which model is best for you:

If you consider how easy it is to get fuel to run your generator, you have the option of either buying a propane tank or filling up your gas can at the nearest gas station. Although both fuel types can easily be found, keep in mind that gas is more expensive than propane. In fact, bottled propane is 50% cheaper than gas. Something to keep in mind.

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You’ll really want to see my best LP gas generator choice: the Generac 6000 that’s also available on Amazon. When you compare power, portability, quality & warranty, the Generac 6000 is my top recommendation.

The Generac 6000 liquid propane generator has a high-quality Generac OHV engine which will give you 3,250 max watts. And I really appreciate the new game-changing frame design that securely holds your 20lb propane tank on board. Genius.

And I also love the low-oil safety feature that shuts down your engine if you oil gets too low – and the great 2 year warranty! You can check Amazon’s price on the Generac 6000 LP gas generator.

Aside from the cost differences, gasoline also degrades – but propane does not. After approximately a year, gas becomes degraded and can no longer be used. Propane, on the other hand, stays fresh indefinitely. In short, you can stockpile propane for extended periods without having to worry of not being able to use it. This is yet another advantage of using propane when comparing LPG vs gasoline generator features.

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And remember: if you use a generator to supply backup power during a power outage, the nearest gas station in your area might not be able to pump gas for you, if they’re also affected by the black out. If there’s no utility electricity, they can’t pump any gas. However, a new pre-filled propane replacement tank can be purchased anytime.

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And I want to mention that gasoline models are a lot more efficient when compared to propane generators. If you have plans of using your generator for long periods of time, you have to remember that gasoline generators use up less fuel, compared to propane models.

You can see my #1 pick for a 3,000 – 5,000 max watt electric generator at the right price: the DuroMax4400 portable generator available on Amazon.

You’ll get 4,400 max watts/3,500 continuous watts, a 7 HP air cooled OHV gas engine and the 4 gallon gas tank should last you for 8 hours of running time. I love the easy electric start and the Never Flat Wheels! (If you’ve ever tried to move a generator with a flat tire, you know what I mean.) The DuroMax is a great generator value to provide electricity to your most critical appliances, tools or home systems.

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You can read other reviews and check Amazon’s price on the DuroMax XP4400.

NEW: You Don’t Have to Choose Between an LPG vs Gasoline Generator!

Still can’t decide between an LPG vs gasoline generator? Now, you don’t have to! The best option is to go for a dual fuel generator that gives you the benefits of both gas and propane. This new style of generator, which runs on both gas and propane, is just pure genius! Not only are they very versatile but dual fuel generators have become economical, as well. With these models, you no longer have to choose between an LPG vs gasoline generator.

Check out my #1 whole home generator pick: the DuroMax XP10000EH Duel Fuel on Amazon. You’ll be comfortable in your home when the power goes out because this electric generator will be able to power everything in the average sized home! You get a whopping 10,000 max/8,000 continuous watts with an 18 HP engine that runs on gas or propane. Genius. If you have an extra propane tank from your grill – you’re good to go!

This DuroMax generator also has an easy key-starting switch, high quality engine with steel bearings and Never Flat tires. (No more flat tire hassles.) And it’s surprisingly quiet too: the noise rating is as low as 72 decibels.

You can read other reviews and check Amazon’s price on the DuroMax Duel Fuel XP1000EH.

With this buying information, I’m sure you will make an excellent choice when choosing between an LPG vs gasoline generator.

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