Pentair MasterTemp

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The Pentair MasterTemp series is a range of low NOx gas powered pool heaters with models from 175k to 400k BTU. There are models for both propane and natural gas including two “heavy duty” models for the latter.

Despite its functionality the Pentair MasterTemp is compact. It measures only 21″ x 21″ x 28″ (L x W x H) so is easy to install even where space is limited. A rotating digital display ensures that the controls are easy to see and use regardless of how the heater is positioned. The cabinet is a tough composite material which is not affected by heat or the weather.

However, the key selling points of Pentair MasterTemp are:

It is certified for low NOx emissions so can be used where NOx emission restrictions are enforced.
It has an efficiency rating of 84% (using the standard copper heat exchanger) making it one of the cheapest to run gas heaters.
Heats up fast due to its fully pre-mixed system – which also contributes to its efficiency – so no waiting around for your pool to heat up.
Easy to operate – required temperatures can be set at the touch of a button and a digital display shows the water temperature, whilst five LEDs show you what is going on.

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There are also two “heavy duty” models which use a cupro-nickel heat exchanger. This stands up better to heavy use and poor pool chemistry but reduces the efficiency to 81%. ASME versions are also available for commercial use.

The Pentair MasterTemp heaters have a series of features designed to ensure safe operation but you can’t please everybody. For instance there is a factory set maximum water temperature which annoys some users (there are discussions online about how to get round this). However, overall this heater is a good choice if you need a low NOx gas heater.

Our recommended supplier is Pool Supply World who offer good prices which include shipping (often an expensive extra).

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