LP Gas Generators

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The new LP gas generators on the market may be just the right thing for your power needs. Use my professional buying tips & independent reviews of popular models and you’ll be able to get a clear idea about whether you should consider a portable LP gas generator.

And you can see my #1 LP gas generator pick: the Generac 6000 available on Amazon. It’ll give you 3,250 watts, a 9 hour max run time, low-oil protection, built in tank holder and the Generac quality reputation. You can also check Amazon’s price on the Generac 6000.

You can use LP gas generators for temporary power outages at home, for outdoor projects & job sites, or for camping trips. They come in handy for a variety of scenarios where you’ll need easy & quick electricity.

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Many of us find that they’re preferable to gasoline engine models when it comes to creating greener energy. There’s up to 40% less carbon monoxide versus gas generators. There’s also fewer emissions of hydrocarbons with propane, so you will be doing the right thing for the environment if you choose a liquid propane generators.

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It’s also helpful to know that although gasoline degrades over time, propane does not. You can get uneven performance or starting troubles with old gasoline, but liquid propane can be stored for any length of time without causing these kinds of problems. You’ll also find that it’s really safe & easy to transport propane tanks, and you never have to worry about the negative/annoying effects of a gas spill.

You’ll really want to see my best LP gas generator choice: the Generac 6000 that’s also available on Amazon. When you compare power, portability, quality & warranty, the Generac 6000 is my top recommendation.

The Generac 6000 liquid propane generator has a high-quality Generac OHV engine which will give you 3,250 max watts. And I really appreciate the new game-changing frame design that securely holds your 20lb propane tank on board. Genius.

And I also love the low-oil safety feature that shuts down your engine if you oil gets too low – and the great 2 year warranty! You can check Amazon’s price on the Generac 6000 LP gas generator.

Another advantage of propane generators is that they run more quietly than the gas engine options. They are still about as loud as a riding lawn mower. If you want something quieter, around the volume of the average conversation, then you will want to consider the quieter portable inverter generators.

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