Laars Pool Heaters (Jandy Pool Heaters)

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Looking around the web there seems to be considerable confusion as to the correct name for this range of heaters. I have seen them under Laars Pool Heaters, Teledyne Laars Pool Heaters and Jandy Pool Heaters. The history of this is rather complicated but as I understand it the following is what happened.

Laars Engineers was formed in the late 1940s and pool heaters was one of its key products. It was bought by Teledyne in the mid 1960s and became Teledyne Laars. In 1996 Teledyne bought Jandy Industries and started marketing their pool heaters under that name (but sometimes including the Laars name).

In the late 1990s Teledyne split the business up with Jandy taking the residential pool business and Laars Heating Systems (which still exists) the commercial side. In 2007 Jandy merged with Zodiac Marine to create Zodiac Pool Products and create “a major global supplier of pool equipment”. As you can see from the current Zodiac Brochure two of their three heaters are branded Jandy and one Zodiac (although you will frequently see it advertised as Jandy or Laars Jandy!).

The current range of Jandy pool heaters comprises:

Jandy Hi-E2

A top quality 350k gas pool heater for residential or commercial applications (it is ASME certified). The energy efficiency is an incredible 95% (and it is low NOx) putting it well ahead of other gas heaters. It is designed for long life and low maintenance and built using top quality materials. It has a dual thermostat for use with pool/spa combinations. Unfortunately all this is reflected in the price which is over twice that of the other gas pool heaters on this page.

Laars Pool HeatersJandy LXi

A range of gas heaters from 250k – 400k BTU/hr (models for natural gas and propane) with an energy efficiency of 88%. As well as being efficient these are also low NOx heaters exceeding the standard for low NOx emissions. These heaters have a feature rich control panel which can be mounted remotely.

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Teledyne Laars Pool HeatersJandy Legacy – A range of gas pool heaters from 125k – 400k BTU/hr with models for natural gas and propane and with electronic and millivolt ignition. Energy efficiency is 83% but these heaters are not low NOx. The legacy heaters have a number of advanced features, are designed to be reliable and are relatively inexpensive, making then good value for money.

Jandy Heat Pump Jandy Heat Pump – The Jandy EE heat pumps are available in four capacities EE1500T – 80 BTU, EE2000T – 100 BTU, EE2500T – 120 BTU and EE3000T – 140 BTU. There are variations on these models which use a three phase electricity supply and/or are equipped with Chiller/Hot Gas Defrost. The latter enables the unit to work in cold conditions and also to work in reverse and chill the pool in summer. All models feature a standard titanium heat exchanger (with lifetime warranty against corrosion). A 40 amp electricity supply is required.

Which should you choose?

Well it depends on how you will use your pool heater and also whether you are prepared to pay more upfront to make savings later. If you are going to heat you pool constantly a heat pump will be cheapest to run and the best buy long term. If you do not heat your pool constantly then a gas heater will get it up to temperature faster and the difference in running costs may be offset by the cheaper price. In this case the Hi-E2, good though it is, would seem to be rather over the top leaving the choice between the LXi and the Legacy.

If NOx emissions are an issue in your location then it will have to be the LXi but if not the legacy would seem to be the best buy. Of course if you need a millivolt heater then the Legacy is the only option from Jandy pool heaters.

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