Hayward Pool Heaters

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Hayward pool heaters are manufactured by Hayward Pool Products, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc., who have been manufacturing pool equipment for over 80 years. They are one of the large pool equipment producers and their range includes pumps, filters, pool cleaners, lighting, salt chlorine generators and pool heaters. The length of time they have been in the business indicates that they know what they are doing.

When it comes to Hayward pool heaters their range comprises:

Hayward pool heaters for In ground pools

Hayward Pool HeatersUniversal H Series

A range of heaters powered by either natural gas or propane. Power levels range from 150K to 400K BTU/hr. The key benefit of these heaters is that they are energy efficient (84%) and produce emissions of NOx low enough to meet the most demanding local requirements including those of California and Texas. These heaters feature electronic ignition and a digital LED control panel, they are designed for ease of installation as connections can be made on either side.

Hayward H250H Series Millivolt – Again a range of heaters powered by either natural gas or propane. The available power levels range from 150 – 250k BTU/hr with the Hayward H250 being the most popular. Their energy efficiency is 81% and there is no claim as to low NOx. Millivolt heaters have a pilot light for ignition and to generate a small amount of electricity for the controls. The benefit is that they do not need an electricity supply so there is more flexibility in choosing a location.

HeatPro Heat Pump

A range of heat pumps rated at 65 – 140 BTU/hr. They all feature electronic temperature control and dual thermostat, so you can heat both a pool and spa. In addition they they are specially designed to operate quietly and reliably whilst being extremely energy Hayward Heatproefficient.

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Which to choose

A gas heater will be cheaper to buy but will cost more to run. A gas heater will also warm the pool quicker. If you are going to heat the pool constantly during the season then a heat pump will be best, however if you are only going to heat it occasionally then a gas heater will be the better buy. If going for a gas heater you would go for the Universal H Series unless getting electricity to the heater is a problem. In this case the H Series Millivolt provides a good alternative.

Above Ground H Series (Hayward H100) – A 100 BTU/hr gas heater available in 2 versions for either natural gas or propane. A simple plugin electricity connection is provided which provides direct-spark electronic ignition. Energy efficiency is 81%. Induced draft system means the heater is not affected by wind so it can be located where it is needed.

Hayward Heat Pump HP50TA – A 50 BTU/hr. heat pump specifically designed for above ground pools up to about 13k gallons. The features and benefits are much the same as the HeatPro shown above. This heater requires a 220 volt 30 amp electricity supply.Hayward Heat Pump

Which to choose – The same factors apply as for in ground pools above.

In general it is better to buy a more powerful heater than you think you need but if you choose correctly any of the above Hayward pool heaters will provide years of good service.

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