Are Electric Resistance Pool Heaters Worth Considering?

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You can buy electric resistance heaters to suit all sizes of pools and spas but they are not as popular as gas heaters or heat pumps.

Coates offer a large range to cover virtually any residential or commercial application and are a good buy if you want this sort of heater but there are only a limited number of situations where they are advantageous compared to other types of heater.

If you have access to natural gas a gas pool heater will be cheaper to buy and much cheaper to run (although a propane heater will likely cost more than an electric heater).

A pool heat pump is the cheapest way of heating a pool and is the route you would normally take if you want (or need) to use electricity to heat your pool or spa.

The advantages of an electric resistance heater are:

Provides its quoted heat output regardless of the conditions – The same applies to a gas heater but a heat pump becomes less effective as the temperature drops and they will not work at all in cold conditions.

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Pollution free – There is no need to worry about exhaust gases or air flow, which means that there is more flexibility in locating an electric resistance heater making it less obtrusive and it may be safer if there are children about.
Relatively simple device – which should run reliably for many years.

The disadvantages of an electric resistance heater are:

Costly to run – running costs many times that of a heat pump or a natural gas heater.
Not as powerful as a gas heater – The Coates heaters range from 5.5 to 300 KW (for comparison purposes this is 19 – 1025 BTU) although the high powered ones are for commercial applications.
Environmentally unfriendly – unless the electricity is generated by renewable means.

If you have a spa that you want to use in colder weather and do not want a gas heater then an electric resistance heater may be ideal. However for heating a residential pool this sort of heater is unlikely to be a good choice.

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